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People’s reasons for training with us can be as individual as they are. They choose us because of our experience and expertise gathered over many years in practice as well as our particular approach to the transformational potential of learning.

Here we outline just some of the reasons why you might consider training. At the end of three years you will have acquired an impressive range of mind, body, spirit tools for your own benefit or to share with others if you wish to become an Alexander Technique practitioner. Certainly some people come to training in order to create a change in their work, life balance and find a new career.

Our dates for our practitioner training year are always the same as local school term dates so parents can retrain whilst their children are at school.

We are sympathetic to the needs of family and work and reflect this in our in house philosophy, course structure and timetable. We are looking to share the fun, pleasure and deep fulfillment that students experience during training in the Alexander Technique.

On a practical level our course is accredited by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique STAT and on completion you will qualified as a practitioner. Being a practitioner of the Alexander Technique is an exceptionally rewarding and worthwhile career and opportunities for private practice are expanding all the time.

Many students, however, find that the training is of such personal benefit that they do it for the sheer opportunity, interest and personal challenge that the course gives them.

Many consider the training as a gift to themselves at a certain point in their lives, in order to fortify them against the trials and tribulations of life. In so doing they have chosen well, because Alexander Technique at this level is simply fantastic for mind, body and spirit.

By immersing oneself in the luxury of daily hands-on work with senior practitioners, as well as contemplation of life’s mysteries with like-minded folk, students invariably gain great strengthening of their whole being.

Some students do the Alexander Technique training because they are ill, or live with the threat of illness. Significant health worries tend to make you realize the value of health, and ones individual responsibility and capability to influence it. The training is a truly effective response to the worry and anxiety of ill health.

It is essentially a very powerful program of self help, allowing you to take back some control and do the best for yourself that you can. We can also say that to work at this level is a lot of fun and that mindful improvement is probably the most important thing you could do with your life.

The course is a wonderful opportunity to look deeply into the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

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