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assessment and STAT qualification

At the end of training you will be awarded an internationally recognized professional qualification which allows you to work as an Alexander Teacher anywhere in the world. You will be able to become a member of STAT, the Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique and use the letters MSTAT after your name.

As the Alexander Technique is a practical skill there are no written exams or modules.

There is an ongoing assessment by the Directors of Training. This includes supervised work with members of the public As well as having to satisfy the course directors, students are independently assessed in their sixth and final terms by external moderators appointed by STAT.

course curriculum

Our course follows STAT guidelines and is therefore 80% practical. Its core content is the development of the student's own use and self-awareness according to Alexander's principles.

Hands-on sensitivity and skills are developed throughout the course through games, small groups and one-to-one teaching. We aim to give trainees a high level of understanding of their own use as the basis of being able to teach others. There is a regular daily timetable that includes two one-to-one mini-lessons with the Directors of Training. The theoretical component of the course is interwoven with the daily practical work.

entry requirements

The course is suitable for people of all ages and anyone can apply. There are no specific entry requirements. If you are interested the best thing to do is to spend a morning with the class.

Visitors are made most welcome and there is no charge.

As a STAT approved training course all students are requested to become student members of STAT from the beginning of their training.


You can start your training at the beginning of any term or half term.

Our dates for practitioner training are the same as local school term dates and times so parents can train whilst their children are at school.

the course includes

voice work

We run as series of master classes with top singers during your training Master class

You will learn a great deal about your own voice and improve your own vocal skills.

You will then go on to learn how to work with professionals to improve their vocal skills wether this is for business acting or for singing. You will also learn and how teach voice for remedial reasons such as stuttering or more serious vocal problems.


run free

Finn Keller-Webb is an assistant teacher, prior to training as an Alexander Teacher Finn spent fifteen years as a successful PE teacher. He currently coaches rugby, football, cricket and tennis at Brighton College School and has a personal interest in keeping fit especially running. Finn is a master in the art of applying the Alexander Technique to the act of running and he runs the running workshops at The Brighton School. Finn is talented at working with sports people to help improve every aspect of their performance.

You will learn to teach people how to run naturally with more enjoyment greater freedom of movement less effort and reduce the risk of injury. Using individual video analysis in an atmosphere of encouragement and support you will receive individual tutoring and correction. You don't need to be able to run yourself to do this module. You can learn to help others but if you can run all levels of runner will receive a warm welcome.

alexander for actors and performers

Sarah Eddy as an original cast member of the internationally acclaimed stage show "Stomp".

Sarah has been performing in "Stomp" for seventeen years, performing all over the world on stage, TV and in films. She trained at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has since performed on numerous television shows including The Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Off Broadway New York, The South Bank Show and in The West End London.

A good many years in show business has provided Sarah with a wide range of performance skills and styles and she offers an insight into the applications of The Alexander Technique with performance.

relevant texts

We regularly spend time studying FM Alexander's writings and other relevant texts.

visiting teachers

Students have the opportunity to work with different Senior Teachers.

supervised work

In the third year students complete a course of supervised Alexander Technique sessions with the public.

The best way to learn about the training is to visit the school. 

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