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We are sympathetic to the needs of family and work and reflect this in our in-house philosophy, course structure and timetable.

We are looking to share the fun, pleasure and deep fulfillment that students experience during training. The school has a compassionate and supportive approach to learning and aims to teach the students inner stillness, both for their own benefit and as the foundation for a lifetime as a Alexander Technique practitioner.

We provide a classical training, along the lines of traditional Alexander Technique training schools, but fully acknowledging, and working with the demands of modern life. The course is 80% practical with plenty of hands-on work. We work in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, providing lots of individual attention and work in small groups. This is designed to equip students to become confident Alexander Technique practitioners as well as to fulfill their own personal development potential.

It is a fantastic challenge which will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

As well as being of tremendous benefit to your own health and well being, mental, physical and spiritual, you will develop a personal calm, and learn the hands on skills and sensitivity that are needed to become an Alexander Technique practitioner, if you choose to do so.

Guests and visiting teachers from all backgrounds are always made very welcome.

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the brighton school for alexander technique