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"I found it very interesting and I was stunned at the difference learning the Alexander Technique made. I learnt a lot about myself, about the way I walk and the way I sit. Although the course only lasted six classes I am now very conscious of what I have learned, and I find myself watching other people as well.

At work I have fewer problems because I am making full use of he chair. I don't get the backache that you get from sitting down for long periods any more. I was amazed to learn that the head weighs between 10 and 14 pounds. It's no wonder we get neck ache and backache if our heads are not balanced correctly.

The Alexander Technique has also made a big difference in driving. I am sitting properly rather than leaning forwards over the steering wheel. I was driving last week, and I suddenly realized that I wasn't sitting properly. As soon as I started to sit correctly, I noticed a difference; I get less stressed at work and I have found my memory is better. That sounds silly, but it's true. It is probably due to feeling less tense and stressed; Basically I think Alexander Technique is wonderful and I think everybody should have the opportunity to learn about it!...."
Sandra Sayer - Secretary - after 6 sessions.

"Everyone says that they have benefited from learning the Alexander Technique. Several people have commented that it has helped with long-standing back or neck problems. In the questionnaire used to evaluate the course, there were many spontaneous comments from staff who were really pleased with the benefits they gained. Plus, learning the Alexander Technique helps in all areas of life, at home as well as at work."

"We… 'have not had a single negative comment about the course from the staff."
Elaine Merry RGN Health Advisor - Dental Practice Board.

"Margaret Winton, Human Resource Advisor at the FHSA, organized the Alexander Technique course at the East Sussex Family Health Services in response to comments made in a staff survey... I did some research into the various options and got very positive feedback about the Alexander Technique."
Margaret Winton - Human Resource Advisor - NHS Family Health Services.

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alexander technique in and around brighton