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"After back problems having Alexander Technique sessions with Chris for about 6 months, the curvature of my spine stabilized and improved to such an extent that my orthopedic doctor cancelled my imminent spinal operation, saying it was no longer necessary. I thoroughly recommend anyone with a back problem to try this wonderful technique."
Jenny Chisnall

"My back is much better since I saw you."
Anne Totterdale – Film critic

"I was stunned at the difference learning the Alexander Technique made – I don’t get backache anymore."
Sandra Sayer -Secretary

"Alexander Technique has given me my life back. From my mid twenties I suffered increasingly from a bad back, for no major cause. My symptoms ranged from a dull ache to severe lower back spasms that left me incapacitated for a number of days. Eventually I was forced to stop driving except for short journeys; I had to rely totally on my wife for any gardening and lifting; I often spent weekends lying on the floor to recuperate enough to get to work on Mondays; I couldn't even bend over to put on my socks. 'Conventional' treatments had no effect: after x-rays showed nothing much untoward, my GP said he couldn't help, and thus that an operation would not be countenanced. I went from physiotherapy, including traction and acupuncture to even an extended programmer of sclerosis injections, all to no avail.

As a last resort I consulted Chris Element, and within a month, under his direction, began to feel some relief. I began to understand that to alleviate the pain over the 30 years I had suffered, my posture had grown increasingly poor and I had become quite twisted - and this was exacerbating the effect of any injury I might have had from the start. So it took some time before I could say that I was confident in the treatment. But now, by maintaining the exercise regime, and going to see Chris on occasions for a refresher, I no longer suffer from the gut wrenching debilitating spasms, no more heavy dull aching, and I can drive decent miles again. And of course, put on my own socks!"
Mike Burr - Professor of Infrastructure Management.

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 alexander technique in and around brighton