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Welcome to this website for Alexander Technique in and around Brighton. On the pages with a brown logo and you will find information about our private practices for new clients in: Brighton - Lewes - Reigate - Crawley.

We are experts in private practice, since 1989 we have run one of the most successful private practices in the world having run over 40,000 sessions.

We are close to the roots of the work having trained in a Master Class situation with Patrick Macdonald, an assistant to FM Alexander himself and one of the most senior and renowned Alexander practitioners in the world. We offer a traditional private practice and training course. Alexander has been life-transforming for us and for our students, and it could be for you too. On these pages you will be able to find out more about the Technique, how it can help with specific symptoms as well as general well-being and life enhancement. We have several unique resources on these pages for further information. 

We also run a very successful training course for potential practitioners. If you are interested in becoming an Alexander practitioner, please visit our practitioner training homepage and pages which have a red logo in the corner.

career development loans are available

Because we are a registered PCDL learning provider.
Professional and Career Development Loans are bank loans that can be used to help pay for work related learning. You can borrow between £300 and £10,000 to help support the cost of up to two years of learning or three years if it includes one year’s relevant unpaid practical work.

The Government will pay the interest on the loan while you are learning and for one month afterwards. The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries.

Because the Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan product, they should only be considered as an option once all other student funding options have been investigated. For further information on financial assistance to support your learning. National Career Service 0800 100 900 website

Our training course is a life-changing personal development programme, at the end of which

you will have acquired an impressive range of

mind, body, spirit tools, for your own benefit or to share with others if you wish to become a practitioner details here

We hope you will find all the information you need on this website. If you have further questions you may find these answered on our faq page. Otherwise we would be happy to talk to you about your own particular circumstances please contact us.

 01273 605226 | 07738 821056 | contact us




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NHS Trial demonstrates

long term benefit for back pain





alexander technique in and around brighton